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Keiana Mayfield

Decoding KidLit

Keiana recently completed her doctorate in the Human Development and Family Studies department at The Pennsylvania State University, where she also received a Master of Science degree in 2018. Outside of academia, Keiana runs several book clubs for kids and young adults through DC’s woman-owned indie bookshop, East City Bookshop. In addition to reading 100-150 books per year, Keiana is a wife, mother and walker of a very large dog named Otto.



Latest Blog Posts

Child cutting up a "I can't do it" card to read "I can do it"

Blog: Decoding KidLit

Readings for Reluctant Readers: Keep It Short

This three part blog will walk you through common underlying causes of what I like to call the Reluctant Reader Syndrome (RRS) as well as strategies to kick it to the curb!

Baking Banner

Blog: Decoding KidLit

Let’s Get Graphic: Baking Edition!

Let’s dive into the awesomeness that is the graphic novel. Although there are many “flavors” of graphic novels, we’re going to start with three graphic novels about cooking and baking!

Two smiling adolescent boys

Blog: Decoding KidLit

Boys Just Want to Have… A Full Range of Emotions

It’s important we’re putting books in front of our readers that show protagonists (and side characters) experiencing the full gambit of emotions and challenges; not one dimensional character representations.