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Trauma and Teaching

I remind myself that kindness is a common language. Small acts of kindness can help to build trust and convey your care for a student. ~Ricky Robertson

Join Ricky Robertson, an educator, author, and trauma expert, to learn more about supporting students and fellow educators through trauma-informed practices and resilience. Ricky has worked with alternative and traditional schools, serving students from grades preK-12 within urban, suburban, and semi-rural communities. He is the co-author of Building Resilience in Students Impacted by Adverse Childhood Experiences: A Whole-Staff Approach.

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Head shot of Ricky Robertson and Dr. Nadine Burke

Trauma and Resilience: Podcast and Video Interview Series

Host Ricky Robertson interviews expert guests — teachers, school administrators, education support professionals, physicians and researchers — who share their experiences and insights about supporting students, educators and communities who have been affected by adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and trauma. 

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Trauma-Informed Teaching: Video Series

In this series, trauma expert Ricky Robertson offers practical guidance about how educators can support students affected by adverse childhood experiences and trauma.  In each episode, Ricky covers an important trauma-related topic, including the prevalence and impact of trauma, the tools we can use to interpret students’ behavior, the critical role of educator self-care, and the importance of developing school-wide systems of support.