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Adolescent Boy looks up from his book and notebook

Essentials of Adolescent Literacy Instruction

Get the basics on effective practices in teaching key areas of literacy development for middle and high school students.

Are there areas of literacy development that you feel more comfortable addressing than others with your students? There are many areas of literacy development that converge to build an engaged and proficient reader and writer in middle and high school. We have purposefully focused in on a few, essential elements and hope this module acts as a springboard to your learning journey about adolescent literacy.  

First, we will consider the importance of recognizing students’ social and emotional learning needs within your instruction. Then we will look at how you can help your middle-grade and high school students build literacy skills in the following key areas:

  • Decoding Multisyllabic Words and Morphemic Analysis

  • Expanding Students’ Vocabulary Knowledge

  • Developing Fluent Readers

  • Building Deeper Understanding and Critical Thinkers

  • Supporting Adolescent Writers

AdLit is made possible by a generous grant from

National Education Association (NEA)