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Time To Act: An Agenda for Advancing Adolescent Literacy for College and Career Success

Carnegie Council on Advancing Adolescent Literacy

This report notes the downward spiral of adolescent reading achievement levels: U.S. students in grade four score among the best in the world, yet by tenth grade students score among the lowest in the world. The report provides steps for leaders at all levels to combat this unsustainable trend for the United States. Time to Act is the capstone report of Carnegie Council for Advancing Adolescent Literacy (Council). Since 2004, under the direction of council chairperson Catherine Snow, professor in the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the Council has gathered knowledge and ideas from experts nationwide on topics ranging from linguistics to the social science of teaching. Time to Act is released with five corresponding reports, which delve deeper into how to advance literacy and learning for all students, including such topics as the cost of implementing adolescent literacy programs and reading in the disciplines.

Research and Reports
Content Area Teachers, ELA Teachers, ELL Teachers, Reading Instructors/Literacy Coaches, Researchers/PolicyMakers, School Leaders
High School, Middle School

Carnegie Council on Advancing Adolescent Literacy. (2010). Time to act: An agenda for advancing adolescent literacy for college and career success. New York, NY: Carnegie Corporation of New York.