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Latina middle school student holding up her poster on biodiversity

Content-Area Literacy

Students will need advanced literacy skills — the ability to understand and analyze a variety of texts and to write and communicate persuasively — to succeed in life after high school. The articles in this section will help teachers in the academic subject areas integrate literacy instruction into their practice.

Multicultural teacher discussing reading with two high school students

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Previewing Texts in Content Classrooms

Textbook previewing strategies focus not only on the structure of the text (such as the table of contents, index, chapter introductions), but on a content overview — looking closely at the concepts and questions covered in the chapter and their interrelationships.

Multicultural high school students in Real World History discussion on Selma

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Real World History

Real World History — a high school history class offered through DC public schools — invites students to develop their skills as historians as they study the Great Migration of African-Americans from the rural south to big cities such as Detroit, Chicago and Washington, D.C.