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Blog: Shanahan on Literacy

Carol Jago on Literature or Not Literature

For those of you upset about literature being dropped from the English curriculum, you might want to read this lovely piece written by my friend, Carol Jago. She knows something about the teaching of literature and I think you’ll find her insights helpful.

Blog: Shanahan on Literacy

Culturally Responsive Literacy Instruction

A middle school reading coach asks if it is important for African American children to read African American literature. Alfred Tatum, author of Engaging African American Males in Reading, shares his thoughts.

Black teacher working with Latino high school student on reading
Blog: Shanahan on Literacy

I'm a High School Reading Resource Teacher. What Should I Do?

For those kids who need basic decoding instruction, targeted interventions are important. But for the others, teach reading using the books those students need to read in their other classes. That approach simultaneously builds reading skills, improves content learning, and increases academic confidence.

Child cutting up a "I can't do it" card to read "I can do it"
Blog: Decoding KidLit

Readings for Reluctant Readers: Keep It Short

This three part blog will walk you through common underlying causes of what I like to call the Reluctant Reader Syndrome (RRS) as well as strategies to kick it to the curb! We will look at a few strategies to build students’ confidence as readers find their stride.

Blog: Shanahan on Literacy

Should We Read to High School Students?

Oral sharing and video and audio presentations have their place in the high school English curriculum. But it is a small place, so teachers need to be honest with themselves as to why they are using those approaches.

Blog: Shanahan on Literacy

My Two-Handed Opinion on Teaching with Novels

[I recommend] balancing the needs for sustained attention and stamina and the possibility of exposing kids to some really great novels against exposing kids to a broader and more varied experience with elements of literature, literary works, and racial, ethnic, and gender sources.

Blog: Shanahan on Literacy

What Do You Think of Guided Reading for Secondary School?

Having classes/groups of students read common texts with teacher scaffolding is a good idea, whether we are talking about the reading of a short story in an English class or a chapter from a science book. They can promote mature interpretations of particular texts or the development of comprehension strategies.