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America's Promise Alliance

The events of the 2020-21 school year — a global pandemic, calls for racial justice, and an unprecedented shift to remote school — have highlighted the challenges and inequities faced by many of America’s young people. To better understand young people’s experiences, America’s Promise Alliance and Research for Action conducted a wide-ranging, national survey of more than 2,400 high school students, providing one of the most comprehensive looks yet at the high school experience during a year of historic upheaval.

Content Area Teachers, ELA Teachers, ELL Teachers, Families/Parents, Researchers/PolicyMakers, School Counselors and Psychologists, School Leaders
High School

Flanagan, S.K., Margolius, M., Pileggi, M., Glaser, L., Burkander, K., Kincheloe, M., & Freeman, J. (2021). Where Do We Go Next? Youth Insights on the High School Experience During a Year of Historic Upheaval. Washington, DC: America’s Promise Alliance.