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Interventions for Adolescent Struggling Readers: A Meta-Analysis with Implications for Practice

Center on Instruction

This meta-analysis summarizes aspects of recent research on reading instruction for adolescent struggling readers, synthesizing research findings to determine the relative effectiveness of interventions, and outlines the implications of these findings for practice. It focuses on interventions designed to improve students’ use of reading comprehension strategies, reading vocabulary, accurate decoding of unfamiliar words in text, and increased reading fluency.

Content Area Teachers, ELA Teachers, ELL Teachers, Reading Instructors/Literacy Coaches, School Leaders
High School, Middle School

Scammacca, N., Roberts, G., Vaughn. S., Edmonds, M., Wexler, J., Reutebuch, C. K., & Torgesen, J. K. (2007), Interventions for adolescent struggling readers: A meta-analysis with implications for practice. Portsmouth, NH: RMC Research Corporation, Center on Instruction.