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Blog: Decoding KidLit

Let’s Get Graphic: Baking Edition!

Let’s dive into the awesomeness that is the graphic novel. Although there are many “flavors” of graphic novels, we’re going to start with three graphic novels about cooking and baking!

WWC Interventions Grades 4 to 9


Providing Reading Interventions for Students in Grades 4-9

The What Works Clearinghouse(TM) (WWC) developed this NEW practice guide in partnership with a panel of experts on reading interventions. The panel distilled recent reading intervention research into four easily comprehensible and practical recommendations that educators can use to deliver reading intervention to meet the needs of students in grades 4-9. 

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What Should Your Students Read Next?

It’s always exciting to watch your students fall in love with a character, book or series but how do you extend their excitement and engagement into their next literary adventure? Check out our Read-Alike suggestions. We are adding new ones each week!

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Weekly Lit Question

In the novel, The Diviners, Evie is exiled from her home and sent to live with her uncle in New York City during the peak of the 1920’s Prohibition Era where speakeasies and the legendary Follies await. What is the name of the museum Evie’s uncle runs?

Mama says I always liked words; that I was talking before I could walk, and reading and writing before I even got to kindergarten. For some reason, I like poems ... I like making words fit together like puzzle pieces, and coming up with the perfect rhyme.

excerpt from Isaiah Dunn Is My Hero by Kelly J. Baptist

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