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Rick Riordan on Doing the Most Good as an Author of Middle Grade Books

A former middle school English and History teacher, Author Rick Riordan talks about having the right sensibility to understand and write for the middle grade-aged kids. The middle grade years, he says, are a tough age to be with so many transitions — social, emotional, intellectual, and physical — so having compelling books to read that speak to their experiences is important.

Four boys placing their hands on one who is visibly upset.

Text Set: Compassion

Compassion is often described as a virtue, but to many tweens and teens, moralistic goals seem lofty and unattainable. By tuning into and building off of students’ empathy, we offer a pathway to developing compassionate teens and better humans. That seems like a goal we can all aspire to!

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English Language Learners in Middle and High School

Featuring Kathleen Leos, Deborah Santiago, and Susan Lafond in a discussion on English Language Learners (ELLs). Our expert panel discusses demographic trends, instructional strategies, school-family partnerships, and college readiness.

Up With AdLit

Get inspired by MG and YA stories, characters, and journeys!

Quote from Jodi Picoult's YA Novel My Sister's Keeper against a desert background.

Learn more about My Sister’s Keeper

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How AdLit Are You?

In Strange the Dreamer, what do the citizens of Weep call children who are half-human and half-god?

Mama says I always liked words; that I was talking before I could walk, and reading and writing before I even got to kindergarten. For some reason, I like poems ... I like making words fit together like puzzle pieces, and coming up with the perfect rhyme.

excerpt from Isaiah Dunn Is My Hero by Kelly J. Baptist

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