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Back to School written on a notecard with a ruler, pencil, and alarm clock

Blog: LITerally Everything

Literacy Focused From the Start

Our newest AdLit blogger, Jamie Marsh, shares how to easily create thoughtful content-rich material with a literacy focus within the first few weeks of school.

Child cutting up a "I can't do it" card to read "I can do it"

Blog: Decoding KidLit

Readings for Reluctant Readers: Keep It Short

This three part blog will walk you through common underlying causes of what I like to call the Reluctant Reader Syndrome (RRS) as well as strategies to kick it to the curb!

Young African American boy looking off with the Capital building in the background

Black Was the Ink

Michelle Coles
Age Level:
Middle Grade, YA
Historical Fiction
An owl wearing a bowtie holds a quiz book

Weekly Lit Question

In Graceling, what is Katsa’s Grace?

Mama says I always liked words; that I was talking before I could walk, and reading and writing before I even got to kindergarten. For some reason, I like poems ... I like making words fit together like puzzle pieces, and coming up with the perfect rhyme.

excerpt from Isaiah Dunn Is My Hero by Kelly J. Baptist

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