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Content-Area Literacy

Text Set: Unsung Heroes

Unsung heroes have fought injustice, advanced science, and transformed lives through kindness, courage, and ingenuity with little fanfare. They are the best of humanity.

Outline of United Staes filled with colorful individual people

Blog: Making History

Project: We Are America

Our communities, our country has much to learn from the wisdom of these courageous young people.

Overview of the power notes strategy

Comprehension Writing

Power Notes

Power Notes help students differentiate between main ideas and details while learning and writing, using a hierarchical structure that clarifies how ideas are connected. 

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Get inspired by MG and YA stories, characters, and journeys!

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Learn more about Tahereh Mafi.

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How AdLit Are You?

Which of these historical novels takes place during the race riots of 1969 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?

Mama says I always liked words; that I was talking before I could walk, and reading and writing before I even got to kindergarten. For some reason, I like poems ... I like making words fit together like puzzle pieces, and coming up with the perfect rhyme.

excerpt from Isaiah Dunn Is My Hero by Kelly J. Baptist

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