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Ready for College

This four-part webcast examines the components of college readiness — both academic and non-academic skills — and explores ways that high schools, parents, colleges, and students themselves can work together to prepare students for post-secondary education. Featuring experts Nevin Brown, Barbara Taveras, and Jennifer Glaser.

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Program description

Why are so many high school graduates taking remedial classes in college? What can be done to better prepare students for the demands of higher education? Our panel of experts discusses the academic rigor and skills and the “softer” skills-like self-advocacy and teamwork-that teens need to succeed in college. Learn how parents, counselors, classroom teachers can get students thinking about and working toward college, and prepared to succeed when they arrive.



Nevin Brown is a Senior Fellow in the Postsecondary Initiative at Achieve in Washington D.C. Mr. Brown is responsible for advancing Achieve’s mission through engagement with the postsecondary community. Previously he held positions at the Education Trust, where he worked on community-based school-university collaborative initiatives in a number of U.S. cities.

Barbara Taveras is the Director, Community Engagement at New Visions for Public Schools, where she oversees services provided to community stakeholders and parent networks. Prior to joining New Visions, she served as President of the Edward W. Hazen Foundation and as a Policy Analyst in of K-12 education for the New York City Office of the Mayor.

Jennifer Glaser is a school counselor at West Springfield High School in Fairfax County, Virginia. She works on post-high-school planning and college readiness, with an emphasis on first-generation college-bound students.