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Center on Instruction

Academic Literacy Instruction for Adolescents

Torgesen, J. K., Houston, D. D., Rissman, L. M., Decker, S. M., Roberts, G., Vaughn, S., Wexler, J. Francis, D. J, Rivera, M. O., Lesaux, N. (2007). Academic literacy instruction for adolescents: A guidance document from the Center on Instruction. Portsmouth, NH: RMC Research Corporation, Center on Instruction.

Learning Point Associates

Adolescent Literacy Intervention Programs: Chart and Program Review Guide

The number and range of intervention programs on the market can make it difficult for a district or a school to choose one that is appropriate for its particular context and needs. This guide provide assistances for educators committed to improving the reading achievement of their struggling/striving adolescent readers and writers.The chart and the review guide should help schools make good decisions regarding the programs in which they invest. Once decisions are made, the difficult work begins — the work of implementation.

Northeast and Islands Regional Educational Laboratory at Brown University (LAB)

Adolescent Literacy Resources: Linking Research and Practice

Meltzer, J., Smith, N.C., and Clark, H. (2003). Adolescent literacy resources: Linking research and practice. Providence, RI: Northeast and Islands Regional Educational Laboratory at Brown University (LAB)