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Hugo Pepper

Reading Discussion Guides

Hugo Pepper by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

About the Book

After his adventure-seeking, storytelling parents are eaten by polar bears in the Frozen North when he is just a baby, Hugo Pepper is found and raised by reindeer herders. One day he discovers a flying sled with a very special compass — one that can be set to “Home.” And so Hugo arrives in Firefly Square, only to discover a group of very excellent friends, and a dastardly enemy.

Guide prepared by Colleen Carroll

Discussion Questions

  • Why did Hugo have to leave Harvi and Sarvi, even though it was painfully difficult to do so? Has there ever been a moment in your life where you knew you had to do something for your own good, even though doing it would cause you pain?
  • Elliot de Mille, the evil editor-in-chief of The Firefly Quarterly, misuses his position to spread gossip, nasty rumors, and private information, all for his own personal gain. Why is it important for the press to be fair and impartial?

Extension Activity

  • Many of the illustrations in Hugo Pepper are in silhouette. Work with the school art teacher to help students learn about the history of silhouette art and how students can use silhouetting techniques to illustrate simple stories.
Hugo Pepper

Hugo Pepper

Paul Stewart, Chris Riddell
Age Level:
Middle Grade
Fantasy, Fiction