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Young woman standing in front of white brick wall

Don’t Ask Me Where I’m From

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Liliana Cruz is a hitting a wall — or rather, walls. There’s the wall her mom has put up ever since Liliana’s dad left — again. There’s the wall that delineates Liliana’s diverse inner-city Boston neighborhood from Westburg, the wealthy — and white — suburban high school she’s just been accepted into. And there’s the wall Liliana creates within herself, because to survive at Westburg, she can’t just lighten up, she has to whiten up. But then light is shed on some hard truths: It isn’t that her father doesn’t want to come home — he can’t…and her whole family is in jeopardy. And when racial tensions at school reach a fever pitch, the walls that divide feel insurmountable. But sometimes a wall can be a foundation for something better. And Liliana must choose: Use this foundation as a platform to speak her truth, or risk crumbling under its weight. ALA/YALSA Amazing Audiobooks for Young Adults List.

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