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David Bruce Smith, founder and president of The Grateful American Foundation

Blog: Opening a Door to the Past

David Bruce Smith is passionate about history and knows the importance of engaging kids’ curiosity about the past. He is an author and founder of the Grateful American Foundation, an organization dedicated to restoring enthusiasm in American history for kids and adults.

Book covers of GAF winners since 2015

Blog: Opening a Door to the Past

An Origin Story: The Grateful American Book Prize

How does an idea spark a book prize? David Bruce Smith recalls how his desire for more kids to get excited about American history turned into the Grateful American Foundation and Book Prize.

Graphic of a book that is opening like a door and letting light out

Blog: Opening a Door to the Past

Fostering a Love of History

Why is it important that we continue to build students’ curiosity about their own history as well as others’ experiences? David Bruce Smith discusses the importance of understanding the past in order to grow into a thoughtful and engaged citizen.