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Head shot of Jessica Lander outside

Blog: Making History

Jessica is an award winning teacher and author who shares her experiences bringing history to life while supporting her immigrant-origin students’ development as readers, writers, thinkers, and community changemakers. Jessica shares classroom projects and instructional approaches that engage students to add their experiences and perspectives to the American story. Jessica is the author of Making Americans: Stories of Historic Struggles, New Ideas, and Inspiration in Immigrant Education(opens in a new window)

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Blog: Making History

Project: We Are America

Our communities, our country has much to learn from the wisdom of these courageous young people.

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Blog: Making History

Tasting History In the Classroom

On a Friday, earlier this fall, the desks of my classroom were covered not in notebooks or Chromebooks but in heaping platters of Ecuadorian empanadas, Cambodian lok lak, Indian Khaman, Spanish magra, and Congolese chapatis.