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Dysgraphia and Writing

My son has been diagnosed with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and ADD. He cannot write a story because his printing cannot be understood. What do I do about his printing? How do I get him interested in the writing process?

Students with dysgraphia often experience significant success using assistive technology. There are some great tools to help these children express their ideas without getting blocked by their writing difficulties. Please visit our sister site for material on adaptive technology.(opens in a new window)

Software such as (opens in a new window)Inspiration(opens in a new window) helps kids organize their ideas and develop a paper or project by giving it a visual structure.

You should also check out Universal Design for Learning(opens in a new window), a model for teaching students with disabilities that uses digital formats to adjust the curriculum to fit the student, rather than making the student adjust to fit the curriculum.

LDOnline also has some great articles to help your child through the writing process: