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Phyllis Reynolds Naylor's family and "Faith, Hope, and Ivy June"

Author Phyllis Reynolds Naylor’s own paternal grandparents were the model for the strong, loving Mammo and Pappo in Faith, Hope, and Ivy June  — a Prince and the Pauper style story set in West Virginia coal mining country.

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Phyllis Reynolds Naylor


Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Naylor writes primarily for children and young adults — although she has published several books for adults, including How I Came to Be a Writer, a wry and very personal look at the ups and downs of one writer’s life. Naylor is perhaps best known as the author of Shiloh, a story about a West Virginia boy and an abused dog. The book won the Newbery Medal in 1991 and has been discovered — and cherished — by new generations of young readers.