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Trauma-Informed Teaching Video Series

The Trauma-Informed Teaching: Video Series provides educators with knowledge and practices to support students impacted by Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and trauma. In each episode, Ricky Robertson covers an important topic related to trauma-informed teaching including the prevalence and impact of ACEs and trauma, educator self-care and well-being, trauma and the developing brain, the power of protective factors and resilience, and suggestions for developing schoolwide systems of support that engage the whole community. The Trauma-Informed Teaching: Video Series is an excellent professional learning resource for teachers, administrators, education-support professionals, specialized instructional support personnel, and other education professionals.

The Trauma-Informed Teaching video series is an excellent companion to the Trauma and Resilience: Podcast and Video series, which includes interviews with guests from a diverse array of personal and professional backgrounds about trauma-informed practices and resilience.