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School nurse giving a young girl a young of reassurance

Episode 108: “Trauma-Responsive Education Support Professionals” with Petra Burkard, RN

In this episode, Ricky talks with School Nurse Petra Burkard, RN about the small moments she finds with students and their families to build trust and meaningful relationships and the importance of staff communication.

Petra Burkard, RN 

Petra Burkard is a school nurse at an Alaska Native Cultural Charter School that focuses on Alaska Native Culture and serves predominately Alaska Native children. The mother of seven children ages 4-23, Ms. Burkard spent eight years in a family practice working with all ages from birth to geriatric. For almost seven years, she also worked at a psychiatric/behavioral hospital for children. She is currently in her ninth year at a title 1 school in Alaska, grades prek-8th and particularly enjoys working with kids and their families.  

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