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Adolescent girl looking sadly at the floor as she sits on a couch.

Episode 101: Dealing with Adverse Childhood Experiences with Nadine Burke Harris, MD

In this episode, Ricky and Dr. Burke Harris have a powerful discussion about adverse childhood experiences, toxic stress, and resilience.

Dr. Nadine Burke Harris is a Stanford-trained pediatrician and served as the Surgeon General of California between 2019-2022, the first person appointed to that position. She is known for linking adverse childhood experiences and toxic stress with harmful effects to health later in life. She is the founder and CEO of the Center for Youth Wellness, an initiative at the (opens in a new window)California Pacific Medical Center Bayview Child Health Center that seeks to create a clinical model that recognizes and effectively treats toxic stress in children. Her work pushes the health establishment to reexamine its relationship to social risk factors, and she advocates for medical interventions to counteract the damaging impact of stress. Her goal: to change the standard of pediatric practice, across demographics. She presented a TED Talk in February 2015, “How Childhood Trauma Affects Life Across a Lifetime.”(opens in a new window)

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