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Todd Cunningham

University of Toronto, Department of Applied Psychology and Human Development

Dr. Todd Cunningham is a school and clinical child psychologist and an assistant professor in the Applied Psychology and Human Development department at the University of Toronto. Dr. Cunningham started the organization in a new window) as a place for students with learning differences (and their parents) to better understand their assessments, and develop strategies for managing those differences so they don’t stand in the way of learning.

Expert Q&A Questions

Affordable Assistive Technology

When teachers don’t use assistive technology, cost is often a factor. Are there good low tech solutions — or maybe some tools that are free or inexpensive that more teachers might consider?

Stigma and Assistive Technology

With so many students using technology now, has it become easier for students with disabilities to use technology without feeling stigmatized?

Thoughts on UDL

What is your perspective on Universal Design for Learning (UDL)?