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Susan Lafond

New York State United Teachers

Susan Lafond is a Nationally Board Certified veteran educator of ELLs, professional development leader, and advisor and contributor to Colorín Colorado(opens in a new window). She is also a founding member of the American Federation of Teachers’ English Language Learner (ELL) Cadre. In her current role as an Assistant in Educational Services with New York State United Teachers (NYSUT), she focuses on regulations and educational issues related to ELLs and ENL/Bilingual programs, as well as creating and organizing professional development across the state needed to positively impact classroom instruction for ELLs. Susan Lafond was a teacher for more than 20 years.

Expert Q&A Questions

Ways to Encourage ELL Students to Read

I am curious if you have any suggestions for helping low SES and ESoL students to read when they have no books at home, and their parents don’t have time or don’t value the importance of practicing reading?

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For ELLs, the challenges of going to college and finding the right opportunities can be overwhelming, but ELL teachers can play an important role helping students apply to college and preparing for the application process as well.