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Francesca Silva sitting cross legged on the floor

Francesca Sanna

“I hope one day, like these birds, we will find a new home. A home where we can be safe and begin our story again.” -The Journey

Francesca is an illustrator and picture book author from Sardinia, currently living and drawing in Switzerland. She really likes the sea, most flavors of gelato, and her cat Berta.

She graduated in Architecture from the University of Cagliari, before she decided to move from her beloved island to Germany first and then Switzerland where she studied design and illustration in Basel and Lucerne. She holds a Master in Design with specialization in Illustration from the University of Applied Arts of Lucerne, and she has briefly studied in New York, attending a summer residency at the School of Visual Arts. After she graduated she spent several months in London as research fellow for The Reluctant Internationalists Group at Birbeck, University of London, working on one of her books, Me and My Fear.

Her books have been translated into more than 15 languages and her work has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, 3×3 magazine, Communication Art, Kirkus Reviews and Publisher Weekly.

Books by this author

Drawn vignettes of a family moving

The Journey

Francesca Sanna