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Cynthia Greenleaf


For more than two decades, Dr. Cynthia Greenleaf has conducted cutting-edge research in adolescent literacy and translated it into powerful teacher professional development. Her work co-developing the Reading Apprenticeship Instructional Framework has changed classrooms for hundreds of thousands of secondary and college students and their teachers. As Co-Director of the Strategic Literacy Initiative at WestEd, Dr. Greenleaf oversees ongoing R&D for the project, design of learning engagements for teachers and students, and studies of the effects of this work in order to increase its efficacy and impact.

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Reading for Understanding: How Reading Apprenticeship Improves Disciplinary Learning in Secondary and College Classrooms

Cynthia Greenleaf, Ruth Schoenbach, Linda Friedrich, Lynn Murphy, Nika Hogan
Age Level:
Education Research

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