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Assistive Tech for Spelling Difficulties

Are there other examples you can think of about how AT is being used effectively to serve students with learning disabilities?

Another great example is word prediction. So for students who have difficulties with spelling, we have these fantastic programs that are very much like the auto correct on your smartphone. So as you’re typing in, it gives some suggestions of what are you actually trying to type, or changes it for you. However the technology for students with literacy difficulties is much more advanced than our smartphone is. It’s using very sophisticated algorithms to look at the phonetic spelling.

Trouble with Letter Sound Knowledge

I have a student who knows his sounds and can blend them, but when he reads, he will begin the sound but complete the word with an incorrect word that begins with the same initial sound. He does this when he sounds the word out phoneme by phoneme. Any suggestions for interventions?

I’m so glad to read that you’ve taken the time to determine the nature of the reading problem this student is having. It’s powerful information to know that he knows his letter sounds and is able to blend sounds together. His behavior of reading by filling in words that start with the same initial sound as the one in the text suggests that while he might be applying some of his letter sound knowledge, he’s not applying it to the entire word.