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Corby Flood

Reading Discussion Guides

Corby Flood by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

About the Book

Corby Flood and her family are about to set sail on a rather ramshackle cruise ship, the S.S. Euphonia. Onboard, among the odd passengers and eccentric crew, there is a strange group of men in bowler hats who call themselves the Brotherhood of Clowns. There’s also a melancholy wailing sound coming from the hold. It’s strictly out of bounds, but Corby can’t help investigating.

Guide prepared by Colleen Carroll

Discussion Questions

  • Corby records her observations on the notes pages of the Hoffendick Guide. How do Corby’s observational skills serve her throughout the story?
  • Corby is so furious that the clowns have imprisoned a living thing in a crate that she feels her “blood begin to boil.” (p. 133) What does this expression mean? What are examples of things that make your blood boil with anger?

Extension Activity

  • Corby reads from the Hoffendick Guide, a travel book chock full of descriptions and illustrations of fascinating places in her world. Have student choose to research a place in their world and create their own mini version of a travel booklet, similar to the Hoffendick Guide. Give students time at the conclusion of this project to share their books with the class.
Corby Flood

Corby Flood

Paul Stewart, Chris Riddell
Age Level:
Middle Grade
Fiction, Mystery / Crime