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Cover of book with beach hat, sunglasses, round towel, and book laying near the shoreline at a beach.

Beach Cute

Age Level:

From the author of the hit Kissing Booth series comes another sizzling story following three very different girls on summer vacation! Equal parts romance and humor, this is the perfect beach read for your next getaway.

Luna, Rory and Jodie are strangers in the need of a getaway… 
Luna has unexpectedly broken up with her boyfriend. 
Rory has to come up with a creative way to break it to her family she wants to pursue her art passion. 
And as for Jodie, she feels lost in both life and love. 
But these three strangers have one other thing in common: they are on their way to the same resort. As their lives collide under the sun, will they have a summer they’ll never forget?

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