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Once the Children’s Literature awards are given out, 2008 really draws to a close.  And now, what’s an avid reader to do? Read the 2008 titles that you haven’t yet read, or clean the slate and start digging into 2009?

I’ve found this year’s awards to be a good mix of the expected and unusual, the popular and unheard of. My favorite book didn’t win the big one but it did win the Schneider Family Book Award for portrayal of a disability. And there’s no denying that the book that did win the big one was highly deserving, and it is bringing a lot of positive attention to the awards, after a few months of backlash.

Meanwhile, for the 4th year in a row, an Australian book was recognized by the Printz committee, but this time, the book received the hightest honor. I’ve not read Jellicoe Road yet, but would love to hear from some who did - what did you think? And what is going on in Australia?

Speaking of Australia, I am excited to read Shaun Tan’s new illustrated work, Tales from Outer Suburbia , due out this month. More later if I like it!

Meanwhile, I’m thinking that I can’t let 2008 go by the wayside without reading Graceling, Madapple and Terry Pratchett’s Nation. (Which I’ve also heard is a great listen.) 

Here’s to another year of good books for all types of readers!