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A video interview with

R.L. Stine

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Robert Lawrence Stine was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1943. Stine was a rather shy and fearful child, but he did have a clever imagination. At the age of nine, Stine began typing up his own short stories and humor magazines such as Tales to Drive You Batty. He would then circulate these publications to friends during class. In high school, Stine wrote a humor column for the school newspaper called "Stine's Lines."

At Ohio State University, R.L. Stine edited a humor magazine and contributed articles under the name "Jovial Bob." After college, he moved to New York City with aspirations of becoming a writer. For 16 years, R.L. Stine worked at Scholastic, where he edited and wrote for a humor magazine called Bananas. Stine also wrote for Nickelodeon's television show, Eureeka's Castle.

R.L. Stine's first children's book, How to be Funny, was published in 1978. Stine wrote humor and joke books until one day an editor asked him to write a young adult horror novel. After Blind Date became an instant best seller, Stine started a young adult horror series called Fear Street. In 1992 R.L. Stine wrote his first book for Goosebumps, which would quickly became the best-selling children's book series in history. Stine also hosted the top-rated Goosebumps television show on Fox.

Today R.L. Stine writes books for two new series, Mostly Ghostly and Rotten School. He and his wife live in New York City.

Selected Books

from R.L. Stine

Dangerous Girls

Age Level: Teen

In the shadow of their mother's suicide, twin sisters Destiny and Livvy have grown and healed in their summer as camp counselors. But a bewildering encounter with a fellow counselor on the eve of her departure leaves Destiny reeling, and when she returns home, she learns he was keeping a terrible secret. He's a vampire. And he won't stop until he's made her one, too.

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The New Girl (Fear Street, No. 1)

Age Level: Teen

Corey Brooks has fallen hard for the new girl, lovely, pale Anna Corwin. But while Corey can think of nothing but Anna, most of his friends have never even heard of her, much less seen her themselves. When Anna disappears abruptly, Corey goes to her house on the infamous Fear Street, determined to find out her secret, whatever the cost.

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The Betrayal (Fear Street Saga Trilogy, No. 1)

Age Level: Teen

Nora knows the secrets behind the horrifying things happening on Fear Street and reveals the dark legacy that marked the start of the terror three hundred years earlier, when a young girl was burned at the stake.

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Let's Party (Fear Street Seniors, No. 1)

Age Level: Teen

Trisha Conrad hosts an all-night party to celebrate the end of junior year. But the fun ends for the new seniors when Trisha has a premonition of the entire senior class dying.

Buy Let's Party (Fear Street Seniors, No. 1)

Party Summer (Fear Street Super Chillers, No. 1)

Age Level: Teen

Two girls move to the beach for the summer, but their trip turns out to be anything but a carefree vacation. The girls find jobs at the Howling Wolf Inn, but their trouble starts when they find the resort completely abandoned.

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