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All about adolescent literacy. Resources for parents and educators of kids in grades 4-12.
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Integrating Knowledge and Ideas Across Multiple Sources of Information

Integrating Knowledge & Ideas Across Multiple Sources of Information

A teacher sets the stage for examining key documents from President Lincoln and drawing inferences from photos, cartoons, and maps as well as the primary texts.

A Single Shard: Our Interview with Linda Sue Park

A Single Shard: Our Interview with Linda Sue Park

Park brings Korean history and culture vividly to life through her stories for young readers. Her unforgettable characters cross centuries and continents, yet still feel fresh and relevant.

Engaging Family and Community in Afterschool and Summer Programs

Engaging Family & Community in Summer Programs

Community support can emphasize the importance of reading and encourage youth to seek out ways to engage in literate activities. Learn about effective strategies that strengthen community engagement.

Booklist: Dive into Summer Reading

Booklist: Dive into Summer Reading

Summer books that let tweens and teens relax a little, have some adventures, earn a little money, or even have a life-changing experience!

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Reading Without Walls: Chatting with Derek Kirk Kim

Reading Without Walls: Chatting with Derek Kirk Kim

In his second podcast, Gene Yang sits down with Derek Kirk Kim. Derek is a writer, artist, and filmmaker — and the lead character designer on Adventure Time.

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Featured Strategy

Classroom Strategy: Anticipation Guide

Use anticipation guides before reading to activate students' prior knowledge and build curiosity about a new topic. Before reading a selection, students respond to several statements that challenge or support their preconceived ideas about key concepts in the text. Using this strategy stimulates students' interest in a topic and sets a purpose for reading.
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Featured Resource

A Beach Bag Full of Summer Learning Resources

Heading off to camp, writing pen pals, and listening to a few good books are all great summer activities. Browse our virtual beach bag of ideas just for tweens and teens. You'll find materials to download and print, expert advice on how to communicate your child's needs to summer camp staff, book suggestions, and much more!
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Featured Glossary Term


A writing exercise used for brainstorming and to develop writing fluency. Students write non-stop for five to ten minutes, expressing their ideas go without concern for revision, editing, or controlling the words.
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School Matters:
A blog by Karin Chenoweth

A High School That Demonstrates, Once Again, That Some Educators Have the Know-How to Turn Around Schools (Part 3: Improving Instruction)

For the past two weeks, I have been writing about a high-poverty high school that has improved tremendously over the last 12 years. Today, I report on one aspect of that improvement: the quality of instruction.
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Research & News

Summer Reading Ramped Up with Scratch-off Contests, a 24-hour Readathon

The big question of what to do with summer reading programs — how to make them fun and fresh? Here are four ideas to boost yours this year.
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Low Performers Show Big Declines on 12th Grade NAEP Test

Much like their 4th and 8th grade peers, high school seniors have lost ground in math over the last two years, according to the most recent scores on a nationall achievement test.
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