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All about adolescent literacy. Resources for parents and educators of kids in grades 4-12.
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Remembering Walter Dean Myers

Remembering Walter Dean Myers

Take a look at AdLit's featured video interview and resources for teens from the late Walter Dean Myers.
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Spies Like Us

Spies Like Us

Most kids go through a "spy" stage, and some never grow out of it! Whether it's the gadgets, the secret identities of clues — spies are cool!
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The Importance of Reading Widely

The Importance of Reading Widely

Did you know that kids encounter new vocabulary, ideas, and worlds just by reading different genres? Find out how you can expose the young readers in your life to a wider variety of books!
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All Kinds of Families

All Kinds of Families

Too often TV and movies portray perfect families that teens can't relate to. Our list has books with relatable families -- dealing with real issues, large and small.
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How Parents Can Encourage Teens to Read

How Parents Can Encourage Teens to Read

You know that reading is important and you want to make sure that your teenager acquires all the skills she needs to succeed. Browse our suggestions for encouraging your teens to read.
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Featured Strategy

Featured Strategy: Mnemonics

A mnemonic is an instructional strategy designed to help students memorize information. The technique connects new learning to prior knowledge through the use of visual and/or auditory cues. The basic types of mnemonic devices rely on the use of key words, rhymes, or acronyms. Next time you and your family are on a road trip or in line at the store, have some summer fun by coming up with your own mnemonics and memory tricks!
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Featured Resource

Inside the Common Core Classroom

Browse our classroom video modules featuring middle school and high school teachers at work in their history and language arts classrooms. See how these teachers help their students develop skills in identifying key ideas and supporting details, understanding craft and structure, explanatory writing and more.
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Featured Glossary Term

Expository Reading

Text that explains, informs, describes, or persuades the reader. Textbooks are an example of expository reading. Students must understand how expository reading is constructed if they are to extract its meaning accurately.
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Research & News

Study Assesses Effectiveness of Flipped Classroom Approach

As flipped learning becomes an increasingly popular instructional strategy, many are wondering whether it's effective enough to justify the hype. The Flipped Learning Network (FLN), Pearson and researchers at George Mason University conducted case studies to answer that important question.
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