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All about adolescent literacy. Resources for parents and educators of kids in grades 4-12.
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How Parents Can Encourage Teens to Read

How Parents Can Encourage Teens to Read

You know that reading is important and you want to make sure that your teen grows into adulthood with all the skills needed to succeed. The following list offers suggestions for encouraging your teens to read.
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Summer Learning Loss

Summer Learning Loss

This short but informative article from the National Summer Learning Association describes three aspects of summer learning loss that every teacher and parent should know about.
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Beach Bag Full of Summer Learning Resources

Beach Bag Full of Summer Learning Resources

Learning shouldn't stop just because school is out. Here are some ideas to keep students reading, writing and thinking all summer long.
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Summer Fun Booklist

Summer Reading

Browse through our summer reading lists to find books that help tweens and teens relax a little, have some adventures, earn a little money, and, in the case of the characters in many of these titles, have a life-changing moment.
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Video Interview with John Green

Video Interview with John Green

John Green is an award-winning author (The Fault in Our StarsLooking for Alaska). He's also a tireless nerdfighter, with a loyal online following of kids and adults dedicated to awesome.
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Featured Strategy

Featured Strategy: Paragraph Shrinking

Some strategies are not just for school! Even though it's summer, you and your reader can still work together on an important literacy skill: summarizing. "Paragraph shrinking" doesn't require special reading materials, and enables readers to practice summarizing using materials of their choosing. This simple oral strategy involves reading for a specified period of time, summarizing passage content and key points, and identifying the main theme or concept. Click the link for more information and a video of the strategy in action!
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Featured Resource

Put a Pin in It

Have you got something interesting planned for National Summer Learning Day (June 19)? If so, put your project on the map with the National Summer Learning Association and check out their event planning kit.
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Featured Glossary Term

Semantic Maps

Semantic maps are a strategy for graphically representing relationships between and among concepts. Researchers consider this an excellent technique for increasing vocabulary and improving reading comprehension.
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Research & News

U.S. on Track to Hit 90% Graduation Rate by 2020

According to the 2015 Building a Grad Nation report the national high school graduation rate hit a record high of 81.4 percent, and for the third year in a row, the nation remained on pace to meet the goal of 90 percent on-time graduation by 2020. This sixth annual update on America's high school dropout challenge shows that these gains have been made possible by raising graduation rates for groups of students that have traditionally struggled to earn a high school diploma.
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