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Recommended Daily Reading Instruction


In the lower grades it is recommended that students have 90 minutes of uninterrupted reading instruction daily. How many minutes should 5th and 6th graders have? Secondly, what type of reading instruction should 7th and 8th graders have in addition to English class?


Two important reports summarize what we know about effective literacy instruction for adolescent readers. The first is Reading Next by the Alliance for Excellent Education. The second report is from the Florida Center for Reading Research, and it outlines five recommendations:

You'll notice there are similarities between the articles I've recommended; that's a good thing! There is a growing consensus about effective literacy instruction, including what to teach (as you ask in your question). In addition, both reports reiterate how important it is for schools and districts to have a cohesive, unified approach towards instruction.

We've got many terrific readings on our site, as well as a Classroom Strategies section that outlines how to use many of the strategies recommended within the research.

Answer provided by Joanne Meier, PhD