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Ideas for Teen Read Week (TRW)

Teen Read Week: Read for the fun of it

Background Information

Teen Read Week was started in 1998 by the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA). It's a literacy initiative, held annually on the third week of October, encouraging teens to "read for the fun of it." The idea is to get teens excited about reading for pleasure, not just for one week a year, but for the rest of their lives.

Teen Read Week Resources

YALSA: Young Adult Library Services Association

Resources for Parents and Teachers

Ideas for Reluctant Readers

For teens who struggle to read, the idea of reading for pleasure may be foreign. Check out YALSA's quick picks for reluctant readers for book ideas to get them started. Also, try giving them an audiobook to spark their interest. They can listen in the car on the way to school, or follow along with the book to strengthen their reading skills. This can be especially helpful for teens who are auditory learners.

Movie read-alikes are great for teens who struggle with comprhension since they will already know the background of the story. They'll be more likely to read the book if they've already established an interest in the movie, and they're more likely to comprehend what they read.

Try introducing reluctant readers to novels in verse. The break from the normal story presentation should intrigue them to keep reading. Graphic novels are also great for reluctant readers. Here are a few websites with lists of recommended graphic novels for teens:

Our author interviews are also a great way to spark an interest in reading! Students can hear from authors like Jack Gantos, recounting the time one struggling reader told him one of his books was the first he ever finished. They will likely also enjoy Jack Gantos' biography, in which he candidly recounts his own struggles with low self-esteem and related issues.

Struggling readers may also be drawn to stories of other people's real-life struggles, like the graduate student who became a gang leader for a day, or the website where people share their deepest secrets. You'll find these stories, and more, in our recommended non-fiction section.

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Book Clubs for Teens

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Just for Fun

WrestleMania Reading Challenge

WrestleMania Reading Challenge

YALSA and World Wrestling Entertainment have teamed up to keep teens reading beyond Teen Read Week. Take on the challenge!


Check out these videos about Teen Read Week! Why not make your own?

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