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Afterschool & Summer Programs

Learning doesn't just happen during school hours. Good summer and afterschool programs offer kids opportunities to develop their literacy interests and skills in a more relaxed environment. Learn about the qualities of good out-of-school programs by checking the articles below.

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Motivating Adolescent Readers: The Role of Summer and Afterschool Programs

Center for Summer Learning. (2007). Motivating adolescent readers: The role of summer and afterschool programs. Baltimore, MD: Author.

This report from the Center for Summer Learning considers the strengths of summer and afterschool settings and the role programs play in motivating and engaging youth in literacy activities. The report presents statistics about the current literacy levels of older youth and recommends strategies to help turn these statistics around. Lastly, it recommends five action agendas that must be implemented in order for summer and afterschool programs to have a significant impact on the literacy development of older youth: 1) professional development, 2)practice, 3) engaging family and community, 4) policy & funding, and 5) research.

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