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12 Strategic Moves of an Effective Reading Teacher

Elaine McEwan describes strategic teachers as "constantly on the move — physically, emotionally, and intellectually (both cognitively and metacognitively) — making adjustments to meet the challenges of teaching … students who are often looking for easy and immediate answers." Take a look at her 12 moves — from modeling to motivating — and think about what you might add to your repertoire.

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Listen Current: Bringing Public Radio Into Your Classroom

For kids who struggle with reading, public radio stories can be a great way to teach current events, history, science, and more. Listen Current provides access to a wide variety of stories — along with discussion questions — free of charge (though you will need to set up an account). Students can listen to reporting on the integration of Central High in 1954 or today's Ebola outbreak.

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Where to Go When a Parent Comes Looking for Answers

Teachers like you are always looking for new ideas to help your students thrive. But what ideas do you share with parents who come to you for advice? The blogs on can be a good resource to share with parents. For example, The Inside Track provides fresh ideas from authors, advocates and more. Check out the blogs at and share them with parents who need support.

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