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New Books for Reluctant Readers

What books show real appeal to reluctant teen readers? This is what the Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers committee attempts to find out. I found time at the recent ALA Annual Conference to listen to this year's committee discuss the newest crop of books, all of which they have tested with real reluctant readers. Here are their findings - even though I've not (yet) read any of them personally, they are now on my shortlist!

One of the more popular fiction books was Laurie Halse Anderson's Wintergirls. This raw, emotional story about girls with eating disorders has been polarizing among many adults who have read it, but reluctant readers seem to have found the uber-honesty compelling.

Non-fiction books are where the Quick Picks committee can really shine; finding books with teen appeal that might not be in the mainstream. From street art to video games to tattoos to delicious miscellany , the Quick Picks nominations are full of browsable, high interest non-fiction books for teens of all ages.

Remember, any teen can be turned into a reader with the right book. Take a look at this nomination list and see if any of these books are the missing link for your reluctant reader(s.)


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