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All about adolescent literacy. Resources for parents and educators of kids in grades 4-12.
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Previewing Texts in Content Classrooms

Previewing Texts in Content Classrooms

Textbook previewing strategies focus not only on the structure of the text but on a content overview, which focuses on the concepts and questions covered in the chapter and their interrelationships.
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Teacher-Student Interactions: The Key to Quality Classrooms

Teacher-Student Interactions: The Key to Quality Classrooms

Discover CLASS, an assessment tool that describes ten dimensions of teaching that are linked to student achievement and social development.
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Books + Movies = Deeper Comprehension

Books + Movies = Deeper Comprehension

Thematic pairings of novels or short stories with movies can help students access difficult texts and can lead to deeper comprehension and lively classroom discussion.
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Baseball Books

Baseball Books

Our list of baseball books includes a biography of one of today's top players, a history of the women's pro league, a fictionalized journal of a Negro League player, and more.
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Video Interview with Rick Riordan

Video Interview with Rick Riordan

Meet Rick Riordan, a former middle school teacher and now the bestselling author of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and the Heroes of Olympus.
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Featured Strategy

Featured Strategy: Structured Notetaking

Structured notes are really helpful when students are faced with interpreting complex text structures. The notes give students a reading guide to use as they navigate through difficult text and act as a model of how they should organize their ideas as they are reading. Initially teachers create the graphic organizers, but as students become more comfortable with using structured notes they are able to construct their own.
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Featured Resource

Integrating Knowledge and Ideas Across Multiple Sources of Information

Watch as 11th grade history teacher Johanna. Heppeler sets the stage for an ambitious multi-day unit examining four key documents from President Lincoln: his first inaugural address, the Emancipation Proclamation, the Gettysburg Address and the second inaugural address. She helps students draw inferences from Civil War-era photos, cartoons and maps as well as the primary texts.
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Featured Glossary Term


A WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented lesson format in which most or all the information that learners work with comes from the web. A critical aspect of WebQuest design is finding high quality resources on the Internet.
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Research & News

Using Technology to Support At-Risk Students' Learning

A new report from the Alliance for Excellent Education and the Stanford University identifies three important components to successfully using technology with at-risk students: (1) interactive learning; (2) use of technology to explore and create rather than to "drill and kill;" and (3) the right blend of teachers and technology.
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