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African-American History Month

African-American History Month was the brainchild of Carter G. Woodson, and first began as a celebration of Negro History Week in February of 1926. The commemoration became more and more popular, and was eventually extended to encompass the entire month of February in 1976 becoming known as African-American History Month. All Americans are encouraged to participate in recognizing and celebrating the achievements and accomplishments of African-Americans, not just in February, but all year long.

March on Washington

Photo courtesy of Encyclopedia Britannica

African-American History Month Resources

March on Washington

Books and Authors


African-American History Month Resources for Teachers

Leaders of the Equal Rights Movement

Writing Resources

Griot Links

A griot is term that refers to a West African storyteller. They use oral tradition to pass down stories, songs, and history to the next generation.

Toni Morrison
  • Use oral tradition in your classroom! The StoryCorps Griot Project has many examples of current African-Americans telling their stories.
  • Toni Morrison, the first African-American woman to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature, weaves a griot-themed story into her acceptance speech.

Poetry Links

Weary Blues

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Educational Video

Barack Obama
  • Watch short videos on a range of historical topics — the origins of slavery, the Niagara Movement, Abolition, the Harlem Renaissance, School Intergration, and Freedom Marches. (The History Channel).
  • Watch biographical videos on African American activists, inventers, writers, perfomers, athletes, and political leaders, including George Washington Carver, Frederick Douglass, Duke Ellington, Dorothy Dandridge, and President Barack Obama. (The Biography Channel)
  • PBS offers a range of special programming in February to celebrate programs African-Americans. Check your local listings for showtimes and the PBS website to watch free on-demand video anytime. Learn about slave spirituals, the story of the Greensboro lunch counter sit-ins, pioneering shock jock Petey Green, and more.

Just for Fun

We Are the Ship

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