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A video interview with

Jane Yolen

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Jane Yolen was born in New York City in 1939. Both of her parents were writers and so were most of their friends. While still in preschool, Jane composed her first poem. "I love to recite my first poem to kids when I talk to them – because it was so bad that I tell them that, clearly, they're writing better poems than that."

Yolen's writing did improve throughout her school years. In the first grade, she wrote the class musical. In high school, she won a Scholastic poetry contest. At Smith College, Yolen won awards for her poetry and journalism. After graduation, Yolen moved to Manhattan to work in the publishing industry. Soon thereafter, at age 22, she sold her first book, Pirates in Petticoats.

Since then, Yolen has published over 250 books, including folktales, fairytales, science fiction, poetry, informational books, picture books, young adult novels, and more. Yolen's books have won numerous awards, appeared on bestsellers lists, and some have been converted into movies. Yolen has also played an active role in literary organizations such as the Science Fiction Writers of America, the Western New England Storytellers Guild, and the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

Jane Yolen and her husband divide their time between western Massachusetts and St. Andrews, Scotland.

Selected Books

from Jane Yolen

Here, There be Dragons

Age Level: 9-12

Yolen wrote all of these varied entries about the delightful dragon, and relates the poems, and short stories from a variety of genres, complete with a background as to their inspiration.

Buy Here, There be Dragons

The Devil's Arithmetic

Age Level: 9-12

In this historical fiction novel, 12-year-old Hannah find herself transported back in time. As she experiences the horrific events of the Holocaust that were often recounted by her grandparents, Hannah finds new reasons to embrace her family and culture.

Buy The Devil's Arithmetic

Passager (The Young Merlin Trilogy, Book One)

Age Level: 12-14

After being abandoned in the woods by his parents, a young boy is resuced and adopted by a falconer. With his years of hardship and danger behind him, this boy begins to discover his magical future.

Buy Passager  (The Young Merlin Trilogy, Book One)

Children of the Wolf

Age Level: Teen

Two young girls who have been raised by wolves are brought to Mohandas's orphanage, and Mohandas tries to teach them the ways of humans.

Buy Children of the Wolf