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A video interview with

David Lubar

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David Lubar was born and raised in Morristown, New Jersey. His mother was a school librarian so he spent lots of time at the school library.

After going to college at Rutgers, where he got a degree in Philosophy (and played guitar in a bluegrass band), he tried writing for a living. Two years, nearly 100 rejections, and not many earnings later, he took a job designing and programming video games. Lubar worked on games like Home Alone, Fantastic Voyage, Carmen Sandiego, Frogger 2 and Super Breakout, before deciding in 1994 to return to writing.

This time around he was more successful with his writing. He sold six books in 1995, and with some brief interludes for video game work, he's been writing ever since. He enjoys the opportunity to create whole worlds that are as weird or magical as he wants, and someday, he'd like to write a movie or cartoon show.

Lubar is married and has one daughter. He — and his cats — live in Pennsylvania. If you get a chance, see his presentation at a school or author visit — he's a riot and kids love him.

Selected Books

from David Lubar


Age Level: 12-14

Chad is a Jersey Shore native who decides that becoming a boardwalk dunk-tank bozo is the best way to release his stresses. Hilarity ensues, along with some poignant moments about the real man behind the bozo.

Buy Dunk

The Curse of the Campfire Weenies

Age Level: 9-12

Thirty-five stories of laughter and terror to tickle your horror bone. Full of thirsty vampires, hungry insects, vengeful teachers, evil power tools, singing Girl Scouts, and other terrors.

Buy The Curse of the Campfire Weenies

Hidden Talents

Age Level: 12-14

Every time Martin opens his mouth, he gets in trouble. He's just been dumped at the last place that will take him; a school filled with freaks and psychotic bullies. His roommate starts fires, his new friends are cheats, and his teachers hate him. Then things really get weird.

Buy Hidden Talents

Invasion of the Road Weenies

Age Level: 9-12

Find out why joggers never smile, learn what happens when you mess with a mummy, and meet some frighteningly intelligent insects.

Buy Invasion of the Road Weenies

Sleeping Freshman Never Lie

Age Level: 12-14

Welcome to high school. Brace yourself for too much homework, too much attention from dangerous seniors, and no idea what your Spanish teacher is talking about. Or your math teacher, for that matter.

Buy Sleeping Freshman Never Lie

True Talents

Age Level: 9-12

When their secret gets out and the bad guys close in, Trash, Martin, Flinch, and the gang find themselves in a fight for survival against a brutal enemy. An action-packed adventure where things blow up, people die, and Torchie buys an accordion.

Buy True Talents