Community Literacy Programs

Family literacy programs, tutoring programs, and other community-based efforts can all have an impact on literacy skills. Read more about the qualities of successful programs and the steps community groups can take to help adolescents improve their reading.

In Search of Free Books

By: Rachael Walker (2012)

Where can your school, library, or community group find free or low-cost books for kids? There are a number of national organizations as well as local programs you can turn to for help filling the shelves of your library, classroom, or literacy program and putting books into the hands and homes of young readers.

Imbedding Adolescent Literacy in Out-of-School-Time Programs

By: Elizabeth Moje and Nicole Tysvaer (2009)

How can structured out-of-school (OST) time programs provide more support to students and schools in advancing literacy skills? How might these programs incorporate adolescent literacy development activities, while preserving their unique youth development approach?

Types of Adolescent Literacy Initiatives in Out-of School-Time (OST) Programs

By: Elizabeth Moje and Nicole Tysvaer (2009)

Enhancing adolescents' literacy abilities in structured out-of-school time (OST) programs is a growing area of interest among OST enrichment providers. Schools and community-based agencies have developed a host of after-school remedial tutoring programs that provide intensive instruction for struggling students, while project-based youth development programs incorporate text-rich activities to provide highly motivating opportunities for young people to practice their reading and writing skills.

Serving Recent Immigrant Students Through School-Community Partnerships

By: Rakeda Leaks and Robert M. Stonehill (2008)

How do district and school partnerships with community-based organizations help schools better meet the needs of recent immigrant students? This article provides some examples of promising strategies in which community-based organizations and districts work together to address linguistic and cultural differences, help newcomers gain new language skills and catch up academically with their peers, and provide educational and social support to immigrant families.

Organizations that Promote Adolescent Literacy

By: Rachael Walker (2007)

From lesson plans and classroom tools to free books and opportunities to publish students’ work, nonprofit organizations have a lot to offer parents, teachers, and struggling readers themselves. Learn about some nonprofits with a commitment to helping young people become better readers and writers.

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